Discover Actual Costs for a Heat Pump in Ontario for 2023

Heat pumps are an affordable option for heating and cooling your home in Ontario. The big question though: how much does a new heat pump installation cost in Ontario?

You can google up lots of vague answers to this question. We’ve got the real answers based on actual price quotes. Read on to learn the actual cost of an air-source heat pump installation in Ontario…


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The Prices

We’ll get straight to the core of the question… How much do central air-source heat pump systems cost in Ontario?

Things We Notice

The dataset is fairly small but these numbers line up with our experience for Ontario heat pump pricing: The average in the $15-20k range fits. 

Also, prices are all over the map. There’s no clear connection between pricing and size/quality of equipment — so it’s really important to get quotes from multiple installers so you can find the best deal.

An $18k price tag is definitely not cheap. Keep in mind that the federal government will give you up to $6,500 towards that price and lend you the rest at zero interest. Check out the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (aka Greener Homes).

How We Got Price Data

The data comes from a survey of heat pump quotes run by an influential heat pump forum online. The pricing data spans 2021-2023. We’ve focused in on the data for Ontario only. Specifically for central ducted heat pump systems — which are a straight swap for a conventional forced air furnace.

Spring 2023 Update: We've launched a Canada-only running cost calculator for heat pump vs. natural gas

You only need to give us your location and our database of utility prices and climate regions does the rest.

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