Heat Pump Costs in British Columbia [2023 update]

It can be hard to get a straight answer on how much an air-source heat pump will cost in BC. We’ve got you covered…

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The Prices

Straight to that question… What does it cost to buy central air-source heat pump in British Columbia?

How We Got Price Data

The data comes from a survey of heat pump quotes run by an influential heat pump forum online. The pricing data spans 2021-2023. We’ve homed in on the data for BC. Specifically for central ducted heat pump systems — which are a direct replacement for a fossil fuel forced air furnace. That gives us nearly 70 individual quotes to analyze.

Things We Notice

The dataset is a good size and lines up with anecdotal evidence: The average near $20k range fits. 

Prices vary a lot — even for comparable brands and models of heat pump. This confirms our advice that getting multiple quotes is the only reliable way to get a good deal.

An upfront cost of $20k is not cheap. To help with sticker-shock the federal government will give you up to $5,000 towards the cost and lend you the rest at zero interest. That’s through the Greener Homes program. Plus BC homeowners are eligible for as much as $6,000 in rebates through CleanBC and BC Hydro. So, total rebates in BC can cover a generous $11k of your upfront cost!

Spring 2023 Update: We've launched a Canada-specific running cost calculator for heat pump vs. natural gas

You only need to give us your location and our database of utility prices and climate regions does the rest.

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