How to Find the Best Heat Pump Contractors

Canadians are rapidly catching on that heat pumps are a great choice. Yet, fossil fuel furnaces and boilers are still the default choice for most homeowners and contractors.

So, it can take some time to find a local HVAC contractor with the right heat pump expertise. 

We’ll guide you in your search for a heat pump installer…


Table of Contents

Ideal Contractor

You’re looking for a contractor who is knowledgeable and happy to guide you through your options. The process isn’t quite as simple as a straight swap of a new boiler or furnace and you need an expert who can navigate that process.

Contractor Warning Signs

If a contractor tries to talk you out of going for a heat pump be wary. Chances are they’re not a heat pump expert and want to steer towards a fossil-fuel system they’re comfortable with.

Read our Guide to Heat Pumps for Canadian Homes to get informed before you start talking with contractors. Know the basics for informed conversations and to spot uninformed bs from naysayers.

Word of Mouth

If you have friends, relatives or neighbours who have a heat pump talk with them. What contractor did their install? Would they use them again? Anything to watch out for? This is great info to help you track down a good contractor in your area.

Online Recommendations

Ask on social media like Facebook. Find people near you who have a heat pump. Who did the installation and would they use them again? This can tell you a lot about which contractors belong on your shortlist.

Talk With Your Shortlist

Once you’ve done your research, chat with each of your potential contractors on the phone. You can tell a lot about a contractor’s attitudes in a 10 minute conversation. You’re looking for someone who knows their heat pumps and is comfortable and open explaining your options.

Ideally you want to have three or four contractors come out to your home to give an estimate. Pricing is something that can only be done in person. As work involved depends a lot on the quirks of your individual home.

Compare Quotes

Once you have a few quotes you can compare and home in on the one that works best for you. Some factors to look at:

  1. Cheapest isn’t necessarily best! 
  2. How long is the warranty included? Is it parts only or parts and labour?
  3. Don’t worry too much about name brands — some huge and reputable manufacturers like Gree and Daikin aren’t big names in Canada yet.
  4. Try to dig into the specifications of the units. How do they perform as the weather gets colder?

We have an article coming soon on comparing heat pump quotes. 

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Stick With It!

It can be a frustrating process to find a good contractor. In my case I spoke to 4 or 5 contractors who were pessimistic and uninformed. 

I came close to giving up at that point point — except my research told me that a heat pump was a good choice for me. Rather than giving up, I widened my search to HVAC companies based further from my home. Eventually I found a great contractor — someone with the right experience and the right attitude.

Don’t give up. 

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